About Troubaduo
"Two Troubadours"


   In 2008 solo artists Bryson VanCleve (originally from Arkansas) and Jill Marie (a California native) met while performing at the Room 5 Lounge in Los Angeles, California.  Their friendship quickly blossomed making music together and soon after, the two married. Instead of planning a honey moon, they planned to leave the city  for a life on the road.  The two troubadours, aka Troubaduo, traveled across the United States, completing seven tours between 2009-2011.  


   In April 2011, they found out Jill was pregnant, but continued through two more tours.   On the way home from their seventh tour, their son Jedidiah was born three weeks early and Bryson ended up delivering him, on the road, in their touring RV known as "The Sea Turtle."  


    Years later, they moved to Western Arkansas, where they helped start a family farm growing chemical free produce, as well as, flowers. They found out the meaning of hard work, 60-80 hours a week of physical labor making less than minimum wage, numerous crop failures and health issues due to overworking. 


   God really does make beauty from ashes! For these singing farmers, the life lessons and experiences from hard work and country living have resulted in seasoned songs that most people could appreciate and relate to. From Praise & Worship to Country, Rock, Americana, Jazz and Blues, this husband-wife team is a unique and dynamic duo. They are thankful to get to sing and share the songs they've been given!

   Today, they no longer sell produce, but their seasonal flower arrangements are a local success. They raise cattle, along with growing, baling and selling their own hay.  But their main passion is sharing music! They continue to write and record music at home.  They also share videos at: www.youtube.com/troubaduo featuring music, family and their life on the farm, all with the common Hope of sharing Jesus with as many as possible!