Troubaduo & Son


 Troubaduo & Son is a Family Band that shares music from multiple genres. Join them on their Journey as they spread God's Love & Peace through Music. 

  "Born in the back of the Sea Turtle RV..."

  In April 2011, Troubaduo found out Jill was pregnant, but continued through two more tours.   On the way home from their seventh tour, their son Jedidiah was born three weeks early and Bryson ended up delivering him, on the road, in their touring RV known as "The Sea Turtle."  

They admire family bands such as "The Staple Singers" and "The Lack Family." So when their son started showing signs of musical talents at a young age, they were, of course, excited!  They never pushed their son to use these talents. As he matured and turned about 10 years old, they started encouraging him to utilize these gifts.


At the end of 2021, Jedi (pronounced "Jed-E," but spelled like Jedi which means the same thing as Jedidiah. As a Star Wars fan, Jedidiah is okay with you calling him "JEDI...") played his first LIVE gig with Troubaduo at Christmas On The Creek in Fayetteville, AR. 

Although he can sing, dabble on keys and keep good rhythm on percussion, his choice instrument is Harmonica! He tears it up like John Popper Jr!!😎

You can see some videos of Troubaduo & Son at:


Stay tuned for more videos and live events!!✌️